Home remedies for warts
Wart home remedies
Home remedies for warts

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Wart remedies
Home remedies for warts
Wart home remedies Free Home Remedy Articles

Home Remedies for Warts

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Wart Home Remedies

There are several over-the-counter wart home remedy options. The most common wart home remedy involves salicylic acid. These products are readily available at most drug stores and supermarkets.

Wart home remedies containing salycylic acid typically come in two types of products: adhesive pads treated with salicylic acid, or a bottle of concentrated salicylic acid. Removing a wart with this home remedy requires a strict regimen of cleaning the area, applying the salicylic acid, and removing the dead skin with a pumice stone or emery board between applications. It may take up to 12 weeks to remove a stubborn wart with this wart home remedy.

Another over-the-counter wart home remedy is Silver Nitrate in the form of a Caustic Pencil, which is also available at drug stores. This wart home remedy generally takes three to six daily treatments to be effective. The instructions must be followed to minimize staining of skin and clothing.

Duct tape wart home remedy involves placing a piece of duct tape (or medical tape) over the wart area for a week at a time. This home remedy for warts is otherwise identical to that of using salicylic acid adhesive pads. Wrap the wart in tape and wear the tape for six days. Re-apply tape if it falls off. At the end of the sixth day, remove the duct tape, soak the wart in water, and gently sand off the dead parts of the wart with an emery board or pumice stone. Leave the tape off overnight, then re-apply it for another six days. Repeat this home remedy for warts until the wart is gone.

A study found that the duct tape wart removal method was 85% effective, compared to a 60% success rate in the study's cryotherapy group!

Wart home remedies include taping the inside of a square of banana skin over the warts every night for three to four weeks. Proponents of this method theorize that an enzyme in the banana skin helps to destroy the virus.

Another wart home remedy is to soak the wart in hot water and washing liquid for three consecutive days.

Over-the-counter cryosurgery kits are also available without a prescription. Look for a name like "freeze-off" or something similar. These wart home remedy kits may also be useful for removing skin tags.

Wart home remedies, like more expensive prescription treatments and over-the-counter treatments, usually require multiple applications for the wart home remedy to be effective. They are only necessary if the warts are problematic. Additionally, these treatments are capable of destroying healthy skin as well as warts, so caution must be exercised by those attempting home remedies for warts without medical supervision.

Got a really stubborn wart that just won't go away? Try our best wart home remedy below.

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Home remedies for warts Wart remedies
Home remedies for warts
Wart home remedies Home remedies for warts Wart remedies Home remedies for warts Wart home remedies