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A Sore Throat Remedy in Zinc Lozenges?

by Jonathan Steele

Sore throat season will soon be here. What will you do when you have a speech, presentation, or just another day at work and you get that tell-tale feeling? What will minimize the pain when it takes hold?

Is there a sore throat remedy that works?

The answer and remedy is in zinc lozenges. And not just for public speaking, but for anyone who wants to avoid the pain from this annoying condition.

There are two reasons for recommending zinc lozenges. The first relates to my purpose and focus as a professional nurse. The second is my personal experience in life.

My Purpose and Focus

One day when walking into a patient’s room behind a doctor the patient looked at me and asked if I was the doctor. I kindly said, “No, I am your nurse, I am the one who keeps you alive.” The patient then looked at the doctor who then introduced himself and said about me, “He’s right.”

In the hospital, the doctor gives the orders but it is the nurse who carries them out. The nurse makes sure you maintain the best healing, spirits, recuperation and health you can possibly have.

Think about that, the focus and purpose of the nursing profession is helping people gain or maintain the best possible health. This includes people I meet in the public as well as my own health. This is one of my motivations in recommending this remedy.

My Own Experience in Nursing and Life

Nursing has exposed me to numerous fields of health care including time as a pediatric nurse. If I was in the line of fire when one of my babies sneezed, it was my destiny to get their cold.

A cold and especially a sore throat are two things I could not bring to work with me.

One night I mentioned feeling the onset of symptoms. You know that certain pain when you swallow. An orthopedic surgeon I worked under told of a report about zinc lozenges. He said, “They have been clinically proven to shorten the duration of a cold.” He suggested I try them incase they might help.

Remember my professional purpose, focus, and practice. In this case, ’Doctor recommended, nurse implemented.’

I tried them that night as a sore throat remedy. It was no less than a life altering experience. Upon waking the next morning, there was no soreness. Swallowing was just as every other day. A fluke I thought. Maybe it was just the placebo effect but no.

This was the real deal. There was no sore throat because they worked. From then on, every time I felt the onset of symptoms of a sore throat, I took the remedy. The results were undeniable. No more sore throats.

This happened close to a decade ago. I have not had a sore throat since that night. Not one, none, zip, zero. In my personal experience they work.

This explains why I am a raving fan of zinc lozenges. It is my hope they work as well for you as they do for me.

One thing you need to know!

If it Does Not Work Then See a Doctor

Always read and follow the package instructions. Most importantly, if they fail to bring relief then see a doctor.

The news media has touted stories of doctors over prescribing antibiotics. Whether this is true or not, that reporting has resulted in many not getting medical care that could have improved or even saved lives.

Sore throats that do not get better in short order can lead to permanent damage of your health. Damage preventable by appropriate antibiotic prescriptions if taken as ordered.

My telling about this sore throat remedy is because I want to help everyone to have the best quality of life possible. There is no monetary benefit for me to recommend this. The benefit to you is, hopefully, never having that pain in the neck ever again.

Can Zinc work for you? Will you be able to get on with your speech, your presentation, or your life with out the pain and discomfort? It may just be the ultimate sore throat remedy. Good health to you.

Jonathan Steele, RN is an artist, public speaker, speaking coach, and web host of Although his time is divided between art, public speaking, and as a nurse consultant, he will always be found encouraging health and wellness where ever he goes and in what ever he does. He will often be heard saying “Nursing is one of the greatest jobs in the world.”

Please note: Some Nurse Practice Act’s governing the profession prohibit nurses from profiting from health care products they might promote in some circumstances. Jonathan Steele, RN does not represent, own stock in nor will profit from the sale of zinc lozenges.

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