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Liquid Vitamins Explained

Have you ever tried liquid vitamins? Many health and nutrition conscious

people are discovering that there are many benefits to vitamins in liquid form. These liquid nutritional supplements are becoming ever more popular for many reasons. The best liquid multi vitamin contains all the vitamins and minerals required for daily health, in their recommended daily allowances (RDA).

The first reason many people choose to drink their vitamins is that liquid nutrients have higher absorption in the body. The more A, B6, B12, C, D, E, Potassium, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin, and other nutritionals that get absorbed into your body, the healthier you can be. Pills and capsules contain fillers and binders. These substances serve to hold the pill together, and to make the pill large enough to swallow handle. However, fillers and binders can work too well, and keep your body from absorbing up to 95% of the minerals and vitamins!

On the other hand, the liquid supplements can be absorbed by the body up to 98%. Those taking vitamin pills just might be flushing most of their purchase down the toilet! The liquid form, however, only wastes about 2%, because their bodies are able to absorb up to 98% of the nutritional value.

Some health-conscious people simply have trouble swallowing pills. Most multivitamin pills, tablets and capsules are made of chalky compressed powder. These can get stuck in the back of the throat, triggering the gag reflex. A child may also have this problem. For these people, high potency liquid multivitamins are the perfect answer. All they have to do is drink the prescribed amount of vitamin-enhanced liquid each day, with no worries about coughing or gagging.

Both off-the-shelf and wholesale liquid multi-vitamins contain natural ingredients the body needs to supplement our often poor diets. People rarely have the time or can spend the effort to seek out all the vitamin-rich and mineral-containing food needed for complete health. Whether they are measured in International Units (I.U.) or micrograms (mcg), liquid vitamins are an excellent, easy, and tasty way to get the proper R.D.A. of nutritional supplements.

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