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Homeopathic Medicine Finally Explained

Homeopathic medicine, also called homeopathy, adheres to the theory that “like can cure like.” Homeopathy treatments for diseases or ailments are comprised of small or dilute amounts of the

thing that cause the problem originally. This is similar to Western medicine’s vaccines, in which dilute or inactive bacterial organisms are injected into a person to cure or prevent a disease, such as a flu shot. However, homeopathic remedies are often so diluted that very few active ingredients remain in the dosage. How can this possibly work?

The goal of homeopathy is to influence the energy, life force, or chi of the person being treated. Illnesses are caused by imbalances in the body’s energy. Homeopathic treatments attempt to activate the body’s own healing energies, pushing the misaligned body energy to regain its balance.

The homeopathy treatment is comparable to acupuncture, which also utilizes an outside force to refocus and realign the inner energy of the body. Both natural healing techniques have an external physical aspect that is used to influence internal energies. When homeopathic cures do work, the healing process cannot be described in terms of the normal cause-and-effect of Western medicine.

Western medicinal practices have replaced homeopathic cures in many industrialized nations. However, homeopathic practitioners still work their energy-altering skills in many countries. The homeopathic art is seen as a safer, more natural remedy than expensive modern prescriptions laden with side effects.

Because they lack side effects, these alternantive medicines can often be used to supplement more modern treatments. Homeopaths ask the patient many questions related to the physical ailment, and about the mental and emotional state of the patient as well. This helps identify the most effective remedy, which typically contains only one ingredient.

Homeopathic doctors or homeopaths can be found in the U.S. more easily than in the past. Citizens outraged by rising medical costs, prescription costs, and endless lists of side effects are seeking more natural and safer home remedies. Many of the medicines themselves can be purchased without prescriptions at local health food stores.

There is no guarantee that everyone will respond to homeopathic treatments. Those that do respond may find themselves feeling worse after the treatment. This is theorized to be caused by the patient receiving homeopathic medicine which contains an ingredient know to cause the initial illness.

There are also many skeptics, due to a large lack of scientific proof of the effectiveness of homeopathic medicine. Many studies attribute the success of homeopathic treatments to the placebo effect. This means that the treatment had no effect, and instead it was the person’s belief in the treatment which caused him to cure himself. But isn’t that the definition of homeopathy?

There is no doubt that alternative medicines and alternative treatments contain mysteries which have not been solved. If homeopathic medicine can cure illnesses with safe and inexpensive natural healing that has no side effects, then it is certainly worth further investigation.

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