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MRSA Staph Infection Pictures

MRSA Staph Infection Photographs

WARNING: Some of these pictures can be graphic.

The stubborn MRSA bacteria magnified 2,363 times.  Found on a catheter, it is an example of HA-MRSA.

This picture shows the MRSA staph bacterium growing on a catheter (ouch!). This is likely a case of HA-MRSA (Healthcare-Associated Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus).

Very close-up of MRSA staph bacteria, magnified 20,000 times.

This picture of the MRSA bacterium was taken with an electron microscope and magnified 20,000 times.

This is a picture of a MRSA sore that is draining.

MRSA sores can occur when healthy people contact the liquid from an infection. All open wounds should be thoroughly covered before contact with other people. The infectious liquid can also be found on surfaces the infected person touched or brushed against, such as tables, lockers, doorknobs, phones, and so on.

Photographs of MRSA infection lesions on a patients foot.

The MRSA infection can strike practically any part of the body, including the foot of this patient. Going barefoot outdoors and especially in gym locker rooms and showers is not a good idea. Staph bacteria can enter the body through small cracks, cuts, or wounds in the skin.

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