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Photos of MRSA

Photographs of the Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Infection

WARNING: Some of these pictures can be graphic, ESPECIALLY the last one.

This color photograph of MRSA bacteria has been magnified nearly 10,000 times.

This color photograph of MRSA bacteria has been magnified nearly 10,000 times. As you can see, 4 cells are about 2 µm wide (2 millionths of a meter or 0.000002 meter or 0.00008 inches). If the average human hair is about 75 µm wide (the width varies widely with type and hair color), then it would take about 150 of these staph cells to equal the width of a single human hair. Therefore these tiny MRSA bacteria can enter the body through the smallest of cracks or wounds.

Photo of a MRSA staph infection sore.

This is a photo of a sore caused by a staph. aureus infection. The scale is difficult to determine, but the open lesion displays the typical liquid that spreads the bacteria.

Picture of a draining MRSA sore.

This is another photograph of a draining MRSA lesion. It is on the outer thigh of a seated prisoner, who is facing to the left. This is likely a case of CA-MRSA (Community-Associated MRSA), with the community comprising the prison population. To stop the spread of the infection, weeping sores like this one need to be treated and securely covered.

Graphic photo of a MRSA cyst which burst.

This original photo of a ruptured MRSA cyst was taken 20 September 2006 by Jbtank found in Wikimedia Commons. The blood and pus from the open sore are expected to be extremely contagious. Such open wounds should be covered securely, with the goal of keeping staph germs in, as well as keeping other germs out to prevent further infection.

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