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Home Remedies for Head Lice

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Home Remedies for Head Lice

First, all items of clothing, bedding, etc. that may contain head lice should be washed and then either thrown away or sealed in plastic for a couple weeks. Head lice cannot survive any length of time without their human hosts.

Next, we've got to kill the head lice present in the hair.

Mayonnaise - Cover the hair, scalp, base of the neck and around the ears completely in mayonnaise, then cover with a plastic shower cap. After a couple of hours, this should smother any head lice. This is followed by shampooing thoroughly several times.

You can also use petroleum jelly (such as Vaseline TM) in place of mayonnaise as a head lice home remedy. The advantage is it can be left on over night. (You can't leave mayonnaise on over night because it spoils and can sicken your child.) The downside is you need to use a lot of baby oil afterwards to get the petroleum out of the hair.

Now that we've gotten rid of any living head lice, we must remove the eggs or nits of future head lice.

Vinegar - Now shampoo the hair with vinegar. Run a comb through, preferably a nit comb, to remove the head lice eggs. After rinsing and drying, you should go through the hair and pick out any remaining head lice nits (they are visible as very small, oval, white or yellow colored specks attached to the hair shaft). Dispose of the nits in soapy water with vinegar. You must check each hair. It is very time consuming.

Keep checking every day for new nits! Any missed can easily hatch and start spreading head lice again.

Although this home remedy for head lice is very time consuming, think about the advantages of not putting strong toxic medicated shampoos on your child!

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